Part-Time M.Phil. Mathematics Studentship

In order to foster an academic atmosphere and to encourage able students to pursue mathematical research, the Department has pledged to offer the above-named studentships. The following regulations govern this scholarship:

  • They are limited to two awards per cohort.
  • The studentships are only for students of our M.Phil. Programme in Mathematics of outside-quota and each carries a value equivalent to the tuition fees for the programme. Departmental funding will be used to support these studentships.
  • The candidates are preferably graduates of the M.Sc. Programme in Mathematics. In case there are no suitable candidates in this category, the candidates shall be B.Sc. Mathematics undergraduates from local universities with research potential.
  • Awardees are to be selected on academic merit together with interview results. The Department Chairman shall appoint interview panel members.
  • Payment of the scholarship will be arranged in instalments by the end of each teaching term upon satisfactory academic performance of the awarded student. Departmental funding will be used to support these scholarships.