Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Mathematics Scholarship

Dr. Chao Yong Chi Hsing, a Chung Chi College mathematics lecturer, made a donation for the establishment of an endowment fund at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The interest/income generated from the fund has been used to award this scholarship since 2004-05. The following regulations govern this scholarship:

  • The value of the annual scholarship will vary each year depending on the annual income generated from the endowment fund. Should the interest/income yielded in a particular year is less than $1,000, no award will be granted in that particular year and the interest/income yielded will be carried forward to next year.
  • The scholarship is awarded to one second or third-year full-time undergraduate student with major in Mathematics. The recipient will be selected by the Department of Mathematics on the basis of academic merit and financial need. The recipient should have attained cumulative major GPA 3.0 or above.