Faculty package mathematics courses in non-MATH programmes for Broadbase Science entrants 2022

The information on this page is intended for Broadbase Science students who do not plan to graduate in the MATH programme.

If you intend to graduate in the MATH programme, go to some other page which is relevant to you.

  1. General advice to all students.

    Check the study scheme of your preferred programme before deciding which of these courses you are going to take.

    Different programmes offered by the Science Faculty may have different specifications, or recommendations, on

    • whether you need to take any MATH faculty package course, or
    • which course to take, or
    • when to take such a course,
    in order to fulfil the programme-specific requirements.

    If you are unsure, ask the department which offers your preferred programme.

  2. Faculty Package courses suitable for non-MATH students.

    The faculty package courses offered by the Department of Mathematics which are suitable for non-MATH students are:

    • MATH1010: University Mathematics
    • MATH1030: Linear Algebra I
    • MATH1520: University Mathematics for Applications
    • MATH1550: Methods of Matrices and Linear Algebra

    MATH1010 and MATH1520 are about one-variable calculus.

    MATH1030 and MATH1550 are about linear algebra.

    Although MATH1018, MATH1038 are also listed as faculty package courses, they are intended for MATH students. Non-MATH students may find these courses unsuitable for their needs.

  3. Presumed background for the Faculty Package courses.

    MATH1010, MATH1030, MATH1520, MATH1550 are intended for students of different mathematical background, and correspond to various future needs in various programmes:

    • MATH1010 and MATH1030 presume prior exposure to DSE Module 1 or Module 2 or equivalent, and are more suitable for students who may need more mathematics in their study.
    • MATH1520 and MATH1550 do not presume any background beyond Core Mathematics or equivalent.

  4. Pattern of course offering in 2022-23.

    The pattern of course offering in 2022-23, for students inclined to non-MATH progammes, is given in this table:

    Course First Semester Second Semester Summer Semester
    MATH1010 Sections A-F Sections G-I Not offered.
    MATH1030 Sections A-C Sections D-F Section G
    MATH1520 Sections A,B Sections C Not offered.
    MATH1550 One section offered. Not offered. Not offered.

  5. Towards a minor degree in MATH?

    Students interested in graduating in the MATH minor programme may regard MATH1010 and MATH1030 as the starting point: every subsequent course which you need to take for completion of the minor programme will presume these two courses.

    For more information on the minor degree in MATH, click here. and refer to the study scheme in the CUSIS.