Best Teaching Assistant Award

To encourage quality teaching and recognize excellence in assistant teaching, the Department of Mathematics established the Best Teaching Assistant Award in 2010-11. The following regulations govern this award:

  • Every year up to three awards are given out, each one carrying a certificate and a monetary award of $5,000. Departmental funding will be used to support these awards.
  • The award is based on feedback from classes and the nomination of the instructor under whom the nominee worked.
  • Feedback forms for teaching assistants are handed out and collected together with course evaluation forms at the end of each semester.
  • Instructors can nominate their teaching assistants for the award all year round.
  • An ad hoc committee chaired by the Chairman of the Mathematics Department will be set up to decide the award.
  • The award will be announced in June, and the award presentation ceremony will be held in August/September of the same year.