Academic Visitors

Every year, scholars from different parts of the world come to our Department and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Their active participation and provision of expertise in our seminars, courses and other academic events have contributed substantially to our Department’s research and academic programmes.

Duration Name Affiliation Host
2016-08-24 to 2016-08-25 Prof. Chan Ieong KUAN University of Maine Dr. Charles Chun Che LI
2016-08-21 to 2016-09-02 Prof. Nikolas Ziming MA National Taiwan University Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2016-08-17 to 2016-09-06 Dr. Yat Tin CHOW University of California, Los Angeles Prof. Jun ZOU
2016-08-15 to 2016-08-26 Prof. Hui Chun ZHANG Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Paul Woon Yin LEE
2016-08-08 to 2016-08-14 Prof. Brian Street University of Wisconsin-Madison Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2016-08-07 to 2016-08-13 Prof. Shaoming GUO Indiana University of Bloomington Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2016-08-05 to 2016-08-13 Mr. Joris ROOS University of Bonn Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2016-08-04 to 2016-08-13 Mr. Lanston Lane Chun YEUNG CUHK Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2016-08-04 to 2016-08-09 Dr. Nanne van NOORD Tilburg University Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2016-08-01 to 2016-08-19 Dr. Yingnan WANG Shenzhen University Dr. Charles Chun Che LI
2016-08-01 to 2016-08-07 Prof. Qiya HU Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Jun ZOU
2016-08-01 to 2016-08-05 Prof. Junwu TU University of Missouri Prof. Kwok Wai CHAN
2016-07-28 to 2016-08-02 Prof. Erica FLAPAN Pomona College Prof. Zhongtao WU
2016-07-26 to 2016-07-28 Prof. Thomas YU Drexel University Prof. Raymond Honfu CHAN
2016-07-25 to 2016-09-21 Dr. Lin HE Wuhan University Prof. Renjun DUAN
2016-07-25 to 2016-07-31 Prof. Joris ROOS University of Boon Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2016-07-25 to 2016-07-31 Prof. Shaoming GUO Indiana University, Bloomington Prof. Po Lam YUNG
2016-07-25 to 2016-07-26 Prof. Xiyin ZHENG Yunnan University Prof. Kung Fu NG
2016-07-23 to 2016-08-13 Prof. Chi-Keung NG Nankai University Prof. Chi Wai LEUNG
2016-07-21 to 2016-07-29 Prof. Sung-Jin OH University of California, Berkeley Prof. Po Lam YUNG