Forms & Procedures

The following forms are only available at certain times during each academic year.

Stream Declaration

  1. Complete and download the form given by this link. (in preparation)
  2. Log in to MyCUHK > CUSIS and MyStudy > on left sidebar, CUSIS Services > Application for Program Change
  3. Click Add New Application.
  4. Academic Career: select "Undergraduate".
  5. Form Action: select "Declare Concentration".
  6. Upload the form in Step 1. Leave other fields empty.
  7. Check the form carefully and click Submit to confirm your application.
  8. After the deadline for stream declaration, repeat Step 2 to check the status of the application. (No student will be notified separately.) The declaration is successful if the application status is Approved.
  9. Click Confirm. Note that the timeframe for confirmation is at most one week after approval, so students are advised not to delay.

Project Course Application

  1. Please check your eligibility for the project course and find a teacher who consents to provide guidance. Students are advised to seek advice early in their studies on study plans and feasible project ideas.
  2. Fill in the application form.
  3. Applications will be closed at 14:00 on the Monday of the 2nd week of the semester (exact date in link above). Late applications will NOT be entertained.

MATH4900 Seminar