Homework Assignments

The main goal of these four sets of homework assignments is to enhance your problem-solving skills with regard to the MATH1010 course and guide you to grasp crucial concepts and knowledge of this course. The questions will first be uploaded to the website. Students will have at least two or three weeks to try every single question. We will upload the suggested solutions on the date indicated below. You are more than welcome to visit MathGym if you have any questions or to ask our TAs during the Tutorial classes.

Please submit your homework via Gradescope in Blackboard using the CUHK CUSIS system.

Due Date
Suggested Solutions

September 19, 2023
October 10, 2023

October 13, 2023
October 30, 2023

October 30, 2023
November 27, 2023

November 24, 2023
December 11, 2023