Distinguished Alumni

Along with renowned mathematics professor S. T. Yau, here we showcase the names of well-known and influential alumni that
we are aware of. They have contributed to society locally and internationally.

In the Field of Mathematics

  • Raymond Honfu CHAN
    Chor-Ming Li Professor of Mathematics & Chairman of Department of Mathematics, CUHK;
    Former Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Science, CUHK
  • Shiu-Yuen CHENG
    Chair Professor of Mathematics & Dean of Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Man-Duen CHOI
    Professor of Mathematics, The University of Toronto
  • Cho-Ho CHU
    Professor of Mathematics, University of London
  • Ka-Sing LAU
    Professor of Mathematics & Former Chairman of Department of Mathematics, CUHK
  • Yat-Sun POON
    Full Professor, University of California Riverside
  • Shing-Tung YAU
    Distinguished Professor-at-Large, CUHK;
    Director of The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CUHK;
    William Casper Graustein Professor of Mathematics,Harvard University
  • Stephen Shing-Toung YAU
    Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

In Academia / Education

  • Kung-Sik CHAN
    Professor, Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, The University of Iowa
  • Ngai-Hang CHAN
    Choh-Ming Li Chair Professor of Statistics & Former Chairman of Department of Statistics, CUHK
  • Stephen Yan-Leung CHEUNG
    President and Chair Professor of Public Policy, The Education University of Hong Kong;
    Former Dean of School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Duncan K.H. FONG
    Professor of Marketing, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Man Hoi HONG
    Principal of Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School
  • Wai Tin HUI
    Vice Chairman of Education Convergence;
    Senior Lecturer of Department of Education Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Kai Hing LAM
    Principal of Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College
  • Lung Fei LEE
    University Chaired Professor of Department of Economics, Ohio State University
  • Tak Yee LUNG
    Principal of Po Leung Kuk C W Chu College;
    Ex-Chairman of Mathematics Education of Curriculum Development Council
  • Siu Leung MA
    Ex-Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower;
    Chief Executive Officer of Fung Kai Public School
  • Wai-Yin POON
    Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President &
    Professor, Department of Statistics, CUHK
  • Kwok-Leung TSUI
    Professor of School of Industrial and System Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Dick-Pau LAU
    Accountant of D.P. LAU & Company
  • Ming LI
    Vice President of Southeast Asia and Pacific Region, Qualcomm Incorporated
  • Sze Lim LI
    Chairman of Guangzhou R&F Properties
  • Larry Ka Yeung POON
    Director and Principal Consultant of Global Business Institute;
    Honorary Institute Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, CUHK