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Title: Mathematical theory and computational methods for wave propagation in structured media

Session 1

Name of the speaker Title University
Yayan Lu Propagating Bound states in the continuum in periodically perturbed slabs City University of Hong Kong
Yi Zhu Conically Degenerate Spectral Points of the Periodic Schrodinger Operator Tsinghua University
Guochuan Thiang Large-Scale Obstruction to Atomic Limits Peking University

Session 2

Name of the speaker Title University
Sanghyeon Yu A Unified Approach to the Field Concentration Problem Korea University
Bryn Davies Periodic Approximants of One-Dimensional Fibonacci Quasicrystals Imperial College London
Jiayu Qiu Mathematical Theory for the Interface Mode in a Waveguide Bifurcated from a Dirac Point Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Session 2

Name of the speaker Title University
Jun Lai Selective Focusing of Multiple Elastic Particles Zhejiang University
Tao Yin Multiple-Scattering Frequency-Time Hybrid Solver for the Wave-Equation Problems Chinese Academy of Sciences
Wangtao Lu Mathematical Theory for Electromagnetic Scattering Resonances and Field Enhancement in a Subwavelength Annular Gap Zhejiang University
Erik Orvehed Hiltunen Band Structure and Dirac Points of Real-Space Quantum Optics in Periodic Media Yale University