Purposes of the Conference

Inverse Problems has become a very active, interdisciplinary and well-established research area over the past two decades, the same as Optimal Control. Both areas are closely related to each other and have found wide applications in engineering, industry, medicine, as well as life and earth sciences.

This international conference aims to provide a forum for researchers from the world to present and exchange their latest research achievements on Inverse Problems and Optimal Control, as well as their applications. It also aims to promote collaborative research on Inverse Problems and Optimal Control between China and the rest of the world. This conference will encourage international collaboration and interactive activities on inverse problems and optimal control and provide an opportunity for young researchers to learn the current state of the art in the fields and present their recent research results as well.

Professor Kazufumi Ito has been well recognized as one of the most active and productive mathematicians in the areas of inverse problems and optimal control. He has made tremendous contributions to both fields throughout his career. For this reason, two special mini-symposia are organized in this conference to honor Professor Ito at his 60th birthday for his contributions to inverse problems and optimal control.