Renjun Duan

Assistant Professor



Department of Mathematics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong

Office: Room 206, Lady Shaw Building


Tel.: +852 3943 7977

Fax: +852 2603 5154

Link: Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF)





Current Research Interest: Mathematical analysis of PDEs related to kinetic and fluid dynamic equations. Main research topics include: Perturbation theory, rate of convergence, dissipative structure, Green's function, spectral analysis, hydrodynamic limit, boundary layers, wave patterns, and time-periodic solution.


Here is the List of Publications; see also MathSciNet, arXiv, and Google Scholar


Seminars: Here (PDF) are PDE seminars organized by myself. Below are other PDE seminars in Hong Kong:


Conferences and Workshops

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