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Official (University) Course Description: This course is an introduction to several basic topological invariants for manifolds. Major topics are: differentiable manifolds and maps, Sard's Theorem, degree of maps, fundamental group, covering space, homology group. Students taking this course are expected to have knowledge in elementary analysis.

Prof. Lee's addendum: I plan to skip most of the algebro-topological topics in the preceding description (fundamental group, ..., homology group), as you would probably have learned it elsewhere (e.g. HKUST's course on Algebraic Topology in the spring). Instead I plan to cover some of the following: Whitney's theorem, vector bundles and tubular neighborhoods, Morse theory, Thom-Pontryagin construction, Thom's theorem on cobordisms.


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Take-home midterm exam 30%
Pop quizzes  10%
Projects (presentation) 30%
Final exam 30%

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