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Purposes of the Conference

Scientific computing is an important and very general interdisciplinary research field and plays a crucial role in many application areas, e.g., weather forecast, seismic predictions, fluid simulations, material industry, oil field exploration, medical imaging, etc.

Due to the complexity of these realistic applications, traditional scientific computing techniques are insufficient to meet the need, and there is much on-going research in the past decade in order to tackle the challenges. While there are many successful approaches in literature addressing the difficulties in developing efficient numerical methods for scientific computing, there are still numerous challenges and open problems.

This international conference aims to provide a forum for researchers from the world to present and exchange their latest research achievements on various directions in scientific computing, as well as their related applications. It also aims to promote collaborative research in scientific computing between China and the rest of the world. This conference will encourage international collaboration and interactive activities in scientific computing and provide an opportunity for young researchers to learn the current state of the art in the fields and present their recent research results as well.