Analysis and Topology
Lecturer: Prof. Kwok Wai Chan (陳國威), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
E-mail: kwchan@math.cuhk.edu.hk


Course Description

In this course, our aim is to introduce fundamental concepts in algebraic topology by means of calculus. The course will be based on the first few parts of the book "Algebraic Topology. A First Course" by William Fulton. After reviewing basic calculus and theory of topological spaces, we will proceed to see how calculus can be used to detect the topology of domains in R2. This will lead to fundamental topological concepts like winding numbers, degrees, homology and cohomology, and also important results such as Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem, Jordan Curve Theorem, etc.


Course Web Page

Analysis and Topology: https://moodle.keep.edu.hk/course/view.php?id=1068


The registration period of the 2020 Yau International Mathcamp:
10 May - 30 June 2020

Successful applicants will be informed by email on or before 10 July, 2020.


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