Man-Chun LEE

Address: Room 222A, Lady Shaw Building,
The Chinese University of Hong
Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

My CV is available here.

Research interests Publications/Preprints
  1. (With S. Huang, L-F. Tam, F. Tong) Longtime existence of Kaehler Ricci flow and holomorphic sectional curvature. arXiv:1805.12328.[arXiv]

  2. (With John. Ma) Uniqueness theorems for non-compact mean curvature flow with possibly unbounded curvatures. arXiv:1709.00253. [arXiv]

  3. (With L-F. Tam) Chern-Ricci flows on noncompact manifolds. arXiv:1708.00141. [arXiv]

  4. On the uniqueness of Ricci flow. arXiv:1706.06848. [arXiv]

  5. (With L-F. Tam) On existence and curvature estimates of Ricci flow. arXiv:1702.02667. [arXiv]

Some Notes for my own benefit
  1. Ricci Flow on Complete Noncompact Manifolds. M.Phil. Thesis. Thesis
  2. Note on function theory on Kaehler manifolds. Kmfd
  3. Note on Harnack inequality for elliptic PDEs. Harn ineq
  4. Picard theorem by harmonic function. little Picard