Joint Geometric Analysis Seminar 
 (Part of MIST program)

  • Organizers: Conan Leung and Martin Li
  • Hosts: Department of Mathematics & Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CUHK
  • Contact: Please email me at if you would like to contribute a talk.

2019-20 Spring schedule

Date/Time/Venue Talks
Jan 9, 2020 (Thur)
10:30-11:30 @ AB1 502a
Speaker: Man Chun Lee (Northwestern University/IMS)
Title: Compact manifolds with negative curvature operator

Abstract: A recent breakthrough of Wu and Yau asserts that a compact projective Kahler manifold with negative holomorphic sectional curvature must have ample canonical line bundle. In this talk, we will discuss an approach using geometric heat flow and the extended work when the Kahler condition is a-priori unknown. This is joint work with J. Streets.
Jan 15, 2020 (Wed)
11:00-12:00 @ AB1 502a
Speaker: Shujun Shi (Harbin Normal University)
Title: Convexity estimates for solutions of elliptic partial differential equations

Abstract: In this talk, we are concerned on the convexity estimates for solutions of some elliptic problems obtained in the pass few years. By the classical maximum principle, we give the convexity estimates for the solutions to the torsion problem, for the first eigenfunction and the Green's function of the Laplace operator in a convex bounded domain. In addition, we also give some results about the curvature estimates for the level sets of solutions to elliptic Monge-Ampère equations in Euclidean space or space form.

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