This site provides a collection of interactive games for students taking the UGEB2530 course.

They are based on game theory and strategic decisions.

Each game has a brief description of the game rules - click the Rule button.

There are three different sets of players:

1. Player against Player

2. Player against Computer

3. Computer against Computer

You are a player!

After hitting a few buttons, the payoff score will display on the screen.

If you want to start the game again, please click the Restart button, but do not forget to use the Delete Data button.

If you would like to see how different trials will affect the outcome, please play using the 100 times button, for example. The result will reflect the theoretical result of a long run experiment.

Learning by playing is an important tool for understanding how to make strategic decisions. Please visit the site from time to time. We will add more games later interesting ones!

List of games

Play 1


Monty Hall Problem

Play 2

Play 3

Play 4


Three Boxes Game

Play 5


Three Person Game

Play 6

Play 7


Wythoff's Game

Play 8


Hat Puzzle Game

Play 9


Coin Flipping Game

Play 10


Fibonacci Nim Game

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