Second Announcement

International Congress in Algebras
and Combinatorics

19-23 August 1997

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.

Fax: (852) 2603 5154 e-mail:


UNESCO NSF, China Wei Lun Foundation Ltd.
Lee Hysan Foundation Ltd. K.C. Wong Education Foundation Ltd.
Epson Foundation Wu Jie Yee Charitable Foundation Ltd.
The Croucher Foundation Pei Hua Education Foundation Ltd.
HKMS Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Center
SEAMS Chung Chi College, CUHK
Dept of Mathematics, CUHK


The purpose of this Congress is to discuss some of the recent development in algebras, combinatorics and their applications. It is also aimed to promote research interest in these topics for mathematicians in the region including China and Southeast Asian countries, and to foster contact and exchange between mathematicians in this region and their counterparts elsewhere.


William Y. C. Chen (Tianjin) T. Bier (Kula Lumpur) Do Long Van (Hanoi)
Y. Fong (Tainan) W. Hemakul (Bangkok) M. Ito (Kyoto)
A. C. Kim (Pusan) K. M. Koh (Singapore) Li Fuan (Beijing)
Q. Mushtaq (Brunei) L. Nochefranca (Manila) M. K. Sen (Calcutta)
Sri Wahyuni (Yogyakarta) K. P. Shum (Hong Kong) Yeh Yongnan (Taipei)


Suki Chan (CUHK) (Assistant Secretary), B. F. Chen (HKUST), Y. Q. Chen (CUHK), S. H. Hou, (PolyU), Angeline Kwok (Chung Chi College), S. P. Lam (CUHK) (Secretary), Yeh Lam. (CUHK), C. W. Leung (CUHK), T. W. Leung (PolyU), K. S. Li (CUHK), X. B. Li (CUHK), T. M. Lok (CUHK), M. K. Siu (HKU), Joseph Siu (CUHK), K. P. Shum (CUHK) (Chairman), J. T. Yu (HKU).


B. Amberg (Mainz), J. Anderson (Spartanburg), K. I Beidar (Tainan), S. Bogdanovic (NIS), H. H. Brungs (Edmonton), A. Cherubini (Milan), K. Denecke (Potsdam), A. Deza (Paris), W. F. Ke (Tainan), Keqin Feng (Hopfei), J. Galuszka (Kaszubska), K. Glazek (Zielona, Gora), O. Grosek (Bratislavia), V. V. Gorlov (Minsk), J. Gruska (Bratislava), Yuqi Guo (Kunming), N. D. Gupta (Winnipeg), C. R. Hajarnavis (Warwick), A. A. Ivanov (London), K. H. Kim (Montgomery), K. F. Lai (Sydney), P. H. Lee (Taipei), Andy Liu (Edmonton), C. Mauduit (Marseille), J. C. Meakin (Lincoln), F Migliorini (Siena), C. L. Nehaniv (Aizu), D. B. Nikonova (Sofia), R. H. Oehmke (Iowa City), J. Okninski (Warsaw), B. L. Osofsky (Rutgers), B. J. Parshall (Charlottesville), B. Piochi (Siena), G. Pirillo (Firenze), A. Rajain (Kerela), P. V. Ramanamurty (Waltair), M. V. Sanh (Hue), Peter J.S. Shiue (Las Vagas), S. P. Strunkov (Moscow), P. G. Trotter (Hobart), M. Tokizawa (Tokyo), M. Volkov (Ekateringberg), Jianpan Wang (Shanghai), Jiping Zhang (Beijing).


E. J. Taft (Rutgers) (Cochair) and Z. X. Wan (Beijing) (Cochair).

G. Abrams (Colorado Springs), Z. Arad (Ramat Gan), G. Baumslag (New York), L. A. Bokut (Novosibirsk), R. Bukharaev (Kazen), M. Cohen (Beer Sheva), S. D. Cohen (Glascow), P. M. Cohn (London), J. Dassow (Madgeburg), M.M. Deza (Paris), W. Feit (Yale Station), M. Ferrero (Ports Algere), S. Gonzalez (Ovido), F. Gruenwald (Dusseldorf), C. K. Gupta (Winnipeg), T. Hibi (Osaka), P. Hilton (New York), H. J. Hoehnke (Potsdam), J. Howie (St. Andrews), J. S. Hsia (Columbus), S. Iitaka (Tokyo), U. Knauer (Odenberg), T-Y. Lam (Berkeley), K. W. Lih (Taipei), L. Marki (Budapest), W. S. Martindale (Amherst), R. Mckenzie (Vanderbilt), J. L. Mennicke (Bielefeld), A. V. Mikhalev (Moscow), C. Polcino Milies (San Paulo), T. T. Moh (Lafayette), M. Nagata (Yokohama), P.M. Neumann (Oxford), B.H. Neumann (Canberra), M. Nivat (Paris), A. Yu O'lfshansky (Moscow), I. B. S. Passi (Punjab), J-E Pin (Paris), C. E. Praeger (Perth), G. B. Preston (Monash), C. Processi (Rome), A. Rhemtulla (Edmonton), G. C. Rota (MIT), K. Saito (Kyoto), M. V. Sapir (Lincoln), I. Satake (Tokyo), B. Schein (Fayetteville), S. K. Sehgal (Edmonton), L. N. Shevrin (Ekateringberg), U. Stambach (Zurich), E. B. Vinberg (Moscow), R. Wisbauer (Dusseldorf), Yonghua Xu (Shanghai), E. Zelmanov (Yale Station).


Participants who want to contribute a talk should send a one-page A-4 size abstract with title by fax or e-mail before May 1, 1997. The deadline for receipt of all abstracts is May 15, 1997. Anyone who wishes to speak at the Congress must submit the titles and abstracts of their talks according to the format given in the enclosed Institutions for Authors. (Electronic submissions are welcome.) We will make a decision on acceptance of contributed talks and poster presentations within four weeks of receipt of the abstract. Contributed talks will be 15 minutes each. Selected papers presented in the Congress will be published by Springer-Verlag after referred. The final notice and the confirmation of accepting a talk will be sent to the participants by May 30, 1997.

Venue: Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Registration Fee US$130 (US$1.00 = HK$7.73)

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