Commemorating Professor Ka-Sing Lau

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This website is dedicated to our beloved, respected and long-time colleague

UserTelkom University
Date / Time21.01.2024 - 17:46:31

How has Professor Ka-Sing Lau impacted the community or organization?
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UserJiaye He
Date / Time12.12.2021 - 11:11:39

Professor Lau was my father's Ph.D. advisor. With his encouragement and suggestions, my dad became more thoughtful and started to do mathematical research rather than learn it. The Ph.D. experience gave my father the confidence to dream big and study further, which definitely changed his career from an ordinary math teacher to a curious mathematician. The change in thinking influenced my father's life profoundly. That is why he thought that Professor Lau was like his second father.

I met Professor Lau twice (the accurate number is more than that, but I was too young to remember), one was in a family dinner with my parents and his wife, and the other was in his temporary office when he came to the Central China Normal University as a visiting professor. Although I did not have a lot of chances to communicate with him, his sense of humor and friendly impressed me a lot.

He has not had the opportunity to come to China again in recent years because of his illness. I always hoped I could take my father, who was not fluent in English, to visit Professor Lau in the United States one day. It is a great pity that this dream can never be true.

Finally, as a daughter, I am grateful for Professor Lau's help to my father. As a student, I have admired his outstanding efforts in mathematics research for decades.

May you rest in peace, Professor Lau. Thank you.

UserLam Fong
Date / Time01.12.2021 - 16:38:08

Thanks for making probability theory much easier for me (It was a night mare for me.). Thanks for all the guidance to the me and all the students that you have taught throughout the years in the department of Mathematics in the CUHK.

May you rest peacefully in heaven.

UserChi Kwong Fok
Date / Time02.11.2021 - 08:46:02

I had the privillege to be taught by Professor Lau in his functional analysis class. I knew at that time he was very busy as the chair of the math department, but he was always patient and wearing his signature smile when answering my many questions. The following summer I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a summer undergraduate research program at Cornell University, thanks to Professor Lau's recommendation and support. This research experience, as it turned out, bolstered my determination to pursue a PhD in math. Needless to say, Professor Lau gave me the initial yet crucial momentum on my academic career path, for which I am forever grateful. May you rest in peace, Professor Lau!

UserQingsong Gu
Date / Time01.11.2021 - 09:55:58

Dear Prof. Lau,

It was a sad October when I knew that I could never see you again. I still remeber that you always have a young heart and endless passion both for math and for life, which infected me deeply. You are an exllent mentor who teaches me and encourages me a lot. May you rest in peace in heaven. I will miss you forever.

Qingsong Gu

UserKenneth Falconer
Date / Time25.10.2021 - 17:30:26

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Ka-Sing. We first met in the 1980s when he visited me in Bristol during a trip to the UK and since then our paths often crossed. Ka-Sing was a familiar figure at the main conferences on fractal geometry, including in Tunisia, Porquerolles, Germany, Hong Kong, Kyoto and other venues, where he always had something new and interesting to present. I’m particularly grateful to Ka-SIng and Eveline for their friendship and hospitality to my wife Isobel and myself when we visited Hong Kong and on many other occasions when we met. They were delightful people to be with. Ka-Sing’s breadth of mathematical interests was impressive. He did significant work in functional analysis, Fourier analysis and functional equations. But above all he will be remembered for his work in fractal geometry where he made major contributions in areas including multifractals, self-affine sets, self-similar sets with overlaps, Bernoulli convolutions, fractal tilings, Lipschitz equivalence of fractals, analysis on fractals - and the list goes on. This is all the more impressive given that much of this was done whilst he carried the major burden of Chairman of his department as well as many other roles serving mathematics.

I will miss you, Ka-Sing, both as a mathematician and as a friend.

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