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MATH1510 Fall 2014
Course Syllabus

Course: MATH1510

Title: Calculus for Engineers

Units:  3

Prerequisite: Students are expected to have mathematics background equivalent to HKDSE with Extended Module I or II.

Catalog Description: This course is designed for engineering students who need to acquire skills in calculus as a crash introduction to the mathematics used in engineering. The course emphasizes on the technique of computation without theoretical discussion.

Textbook (Lecture Notes): Calculus for Engineers, 1st edition, by Jeff C.-F. WONG, 2012

Subject Material:

  1. Transcendental functions (Exponential, Logarithm, Trigonometric and Hyperbolic functions and their inverses).
  2. Polar coordinates, curves represented by polar coordinates or parametric equations
  3. Quick review of basic one variable calculus (rules of differentiation, implicit differentiation, rate of change, approximation and differential, extreme values and curve sketching; definite and indefinite integrals, simple technique of integration, area and volume of revolution).
  4. Series (Taylor expansion, Taylor and Maclaurin series, technique involving series, L'Hospital's Rule)
  5. Further integration techniques (substitutions, integration by parts, etc)
  6. Vector valued functions and their differentiation rules
  7. Partial differentiation (rules of differentiation and Chain Rule)
  8. Double integrals (iterated integrals over a rectangular domain, simple integrals over a polygonal domain).



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Homeworks and Courseworks
: 15%
: 10%
: 25%
: 50%

Homework & Coursework:


Midterm Examination:

Final Exam: 

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